Best of High Street, Armadale

Once a tired strip of one antique shop after another, in recent years High Street Armadale has turned into one of the best shopping strips in Melbourne. With stores to please just about anyone, from twenty-something hipsters to their moneyed-up mothers and pit-stop worthy cafes, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Best Swimwear

Any woman will tell you, buying swimwear isn't an event reserved purely for those warmer months, when summer stock appears at your favourite shopping haunts. No, it's a year long process that involves researching overseas trends, seasonal colours and inspirations for this summer. Then there's sourcing of accessories, stock availability and the age old question of "Will this make me look like I have a tan?". Then and only then can shopping for a suitable swinsuit begin.

Best Bookstores

Having been named as the second City of Literature by UNESCO, Melbourne has a proud tradition of quality bookshops. Ranging from art, design and architecture specialty shops to those stocking popular and hard to find fiction, it may be hard to leave town without an extra bag filled to the brim with reading material.

Best Australian Designers

The next big thing may come and go, but our favourite local designers are the stayers – doing their own thing and doing it well. Sitting out many of the single season trends, these guys concentrate on well made timeless originals, all the while staying true to their own distinctive aesthetics.

Made in Melbourne

Melbourne's a very proud city - but not in a sickening way, more of a quiet achiever sort of way. We love our food, our nightlife is pretty kicking, we know we have the best coffee and we're not called the fashion capital just because Myer & DJ's are located right next to each other. Other thing we're proud of are things we make ourselves, right here in our own backyards. Here are some of our favourite locally made products and designs.

Best Boutiques

Feeling more upmarket? The best boutiques in town offer an unbeatable edit of the best local and international designers. Beautiful interiors, helpful staff and of course lust-worthy clothes make any of these a complete shopping experience.


Although predominately a Sunday past time of many Melburnians, this infectious and addictive hobby of visiting markets is now creeping into our weekdays and working lunchtimes. But where to begin? And what to hunt for? Is rummaging through strangers second hand and handmade goods your idea of fun? Or you more inclined for something home grown and edible?