Victoria, Buyer/Store Manager: Alice Euphemia

When did you first get interested in fashion, and what led you to working in fashion retail?

I was always interested in fashion to an extent, then it just amplified when I started working at Alice over three years ago. I got really inspired and studied pattern making and productions for a while, then quickly realised that I didn't have the patience for the technical side of it. I worked at a boutique agency doing sales/PR for a while, left, then migrated back to Alice, working in the shop casually. Next thing I knew I was managing the store; then I started buying. It was a very unexpected but welcome progression! I can't see myself working anywhere or doing anything else right now; I'm very happy here.

Whose style do you admire and why?

I don't think I can answer this question without sounding like a cliché. I think I'd have to say my friends; they all have a great sense of style and most of the clothing or jewellery I wear is made by them. I don't have one specific style 'icon', but I love Jenny Kee, everything about her – maybe because her style is so out there and polar opposite of what I would wear, I'm a bit of a collector of her things. And she hasn't aged a bit!

What are your views on womenswear in Melbourne?

I think that Melbourne women dress based on what they like and not what's 'trendy' (for lack of a better word) or 'in fashion'. They are loyal to the labels they love but their taste isn't so disposable. They mix old with new and maintain their own individual style, but they do all seem to wear the same clogs!

Tell us a bit about the Alice Euphemia aesthetic and range this season.

We don't really follow trends, and try to have an eclectic mix of things in store. For summer there are lots of neutral pastels and serious, structured blazers, but mixed in between are crazy prints, tube dresses and jumpsuits. We like to have things in store that are fun, a little bit crazy, lovingly made (in Oz) and which you'll get longevity out of even if they are a bit off the wall. We have really great relationships with all of our designers and work closely with them to get the best pieces that are representative of them, pieces that our customers will adore.

What's your favourite item from Alice Euphemia in your closet?

That's tough, there is a lot in there. If I had to choose based on fashion AND function I'd have to say my TV possum fur cardi. It's served me well and kept me very warm over the years.