Sophie Doyle is the founder of silk-shirt label The Fable. The name refers to the brand’s transparent production ethos, and the story of how it came to make the “perfect” silk shirt.

The Fable started in October last year, when, after working in marketing for luxury labels Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent, Doyle took a hiatus to live in a yoga ashram in the Himalayas. By chance she found herself in a textile factory in Jaipur. Doyle knew there was a gap in the Australian market for beautiful, comfortable and affordable silk shirts.

"The shirts are made in Jaipur, India, and everything is done by hand, from button dyeing to the placement of polka dots,” says Doyle.

“I felt it was important to share and celebrate this process. So often we buy products with no idea of where they came from, or who made them. I certify first hand the environment they work in,” says Doyle. “I’ve visited the factories, worked with the tailors and met the suppliers. I’ve visited the family who dyes the buttons and met their children. I was impressed with everything I saw – I love that The Fable shirt helps to contribute to their livelihoods.”

Doyle collaborates with other creators who wear her designs, and in turn inspire the brand, documenting their stories online in The Fable Tellers.

“The attention to detail is what defines The Fable shirt,” says Doyle. “Having worked with luxury brands, I was adamant their high standards of quality must be present in my own. Every part of the shirt has been carefully considered, from the internal double stitching, to the exact colour, to of course the silk itself.”

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Doyle wanted a thick silk, soft and weighty, but hand washable. No such fabric was available, so it was custom woven for the brand.

This year, The Fable range will expand to include short-sleeved and sleeveless designs.