Now here is an uplifting story… Earlier this year, Adriana Giuffrida found herself feeling completely burnt out in her fashion career. Despite her love of fashion, five years of the often arduous design/production process and long hours behind a computer had started to become a drag. Many would have reacted to her lot by sticking with the daily grind and whingeing about it to all and sundry, but Giuffrida knew she could do better than that. On a whim, she made the gutsy decision to overhaul her life and get some quality living happening.

Her first move was to quit her fulltime job and take on a part time position at the PAM Store. Next she moved away from the perpetual drone of Oxford Street to a serene cliff-top pad overlooking Gordon’s Bay. Then, while everything else was going swimmingly, she married her long-time sweetheart Tristan Ceddia (of Never Now and The Serps).

Thoughts of starting a jewellery label couldn’t have been further from her mind while all these extraordinary life-transformations were taking place. But in Hong Kong on her honeymoon, Giuffrida happened upon a pompom creation in a vintage store. It sparked an idea and the following week in Bali she began to collect things: semi-precious stones, silk thread, sterling silver beads and bamboo.

Back in Australia, she experimented with making tiny pompoms and threading them into circular configurations with stones and beads. She was pleasantly surprised by the weird and wonderful result – quirky, captivating little rings she nicknamed POMS.

“I love them because they are so odd. Most people look at them and think they are quite bizarre at first, and then they fall in love with them,” she says.

She kept making and wearing POMS and soon friends and colleagues were requesting their own POMS. Thus, POMS the jewellery label was born.

Launched in September with a cosmic photo shoot by Rene Vaile, an essay on roundness by Amelia Stein and a catalogue designed by Tristan Ceddia, POMS are now stocked at Poepke and the PAM Store in Sydney, Someday in Melbourne and Blonde Venus in Brisbane. Soon there will be a web-store too.

All POMS rings are double strung, expandable and durable. One size fits all but no two POMS are the same. The range includes bracelets as well as rings and pieces can be custom made according to colour or stone preferences.

Each one is made at Giuffrida’s home, with patience and care, at a desk set up especially for POMS-ing. “Its the girliest desk you have ever seen. It frequently has flowers on it, crystals, incense, all that fun stuff – it’s a nice place to be, especially where I live. I can just turn my head to the left and see the ocean. I’m very lucky.” So if you’re looking for a unique piece of jewellery to symbolise or motivate yourself towards a better quality of life, POMS might just be the best place to start.