Lisa Gorman has always marched to the beat of her own drum, refusing to bow to her hometown’s fabled obsession with material of the black kind. Indeed, you’d be lucky to find anything resembling the shade in the mix of bright prints and colours that has become a Gorman signature. None of this seems to have halted her success, however, with seven shops in Melbourne and the now staple clogs seen on nearly every foot in town.

This weekend sees current season wares being reduced in all stores to unimaginable lows. Already 60 per cent off, there will be an extra 20 per cent off for three days only. We’re talking pants and skirts from $55, retro-styled swimwear from $40, dresses from $65 and shoes from $75.

The Gorman three day sale runs from Friday January 20 to Sunday January 22 at all Gorman stores and online.