The history of fashion label Sadotna is steeped in sartorial values and an unwavering dedication to technique. While designer Bronwyn Nicholson appreciates the qualities of classic tailoring, she’s managed to merge this commitment with the allure of modern fashion.

Sadotna’s spring-summer 2011/2012 collection embodies this unique dynamic. A powerful range that continues to foster the next era of craftsmanship, the collection is laced with the precision and skill for which Sadotna is renowned, an attribute that has helped establish the label’s flagship store on Fitzroy’s Gertude Street as a leading Melbourne boutique.

Each piece in the collection is built upon the idea that design evokes character, inspired by the theatrics of actors and creatives from the past century. Drama permeates the collection, with strong silhouettes and rich fabrics conjuring the likes of anything from a John Malkovich films to Shakespeare.

While it’s clear the label will continue to develop in line with fashion’s avant-garde, Nicholson knows when to turn to the past in search of long-standing techniques. Because some things never change.

Sadotna’s spring-summer collection is available from Sadotna’s flagship store on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.

65 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
(03) 9419 7090

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