Many a great partnership has bloomed from a mutual love for something, dating back for as long as we can remember. Be it aspirations of world domination, scientific discovery or creating great pop song, some of the greatest things in history come from a duet. For Sarah Gilsenan and Andy Paltos, the love was denim.

Meeting a little over six years ago and discovering they shared an admiration for then-defunct Australian denim label Faberge, the duo eventually decided to give it a go themselves. “We always said that if we could do any denim brand in the world, it would be Faberge,” says Gilsenan.

The couple took an unconventional turn when they decided that rather than try and imitate the thing they loved the most, they would bring it back to life. They approach original owner David Laidlaw with the idea of relaunching and bringing the iconic patterns, washes and stitches back to life. Luckily, he “was really into the idea” and they set off on their way.

But sharing a name with a certain world-renowned egg proved itself a little tricky, so they put their very own stamp on it and, as such, Rolla’s was officially born. “It actually is better this way as it has allowed us more freedom in what we do with the brand and it also allows us to keep it more modern. We didn’t just want to purely recreate a retro 70s brand.”

Adding their creative stamp to these uniquely Australian jeans, they have not only modernised the design aesthetic in all the right ways, but have also brought back some of the classic denim cuts of years gone by. “We actually use the same laundry that Faberge did, which gives our jeans that more original look in an age of over-processed, over-washed denim,” says Gilsenan. “But the best part is we use all of this inspiration on modern fabrications and apply our fit expertise, so the end result is fit and quality.”

And if you’re in doubt, all you need do is try a pair on. It’ll be the finest partnership you’ll ever fit into.