Lekker’s new store in North Melbourne isn’t your typical bike shop. Since moving from Queensberry Street in July of this year, the 800-square-metre, open-plan showroom encourages customers to hop on the bike and take it for a spin. Located on a quiet backstreet, the location is ideal for getting a feel for a bike before you buy it.

There’s no bamboozling bike lingo, just reliable, no-fuss options to get you in the saddle. Lekker's mainstay is the Dutch cruiser (or Euro city bike). This classic has hardly changed in more than 100 years – a testimony to its comfort and practicality. Lekker has made some minor mods for the Australian rider: rust-resistant powder- coated frames, a more relaxed posture and internal gears – these steads are built to tolerate our weather.

As well as the cruisers, Lekker manufactures a range of road/fixie-style bikes, touring bikes and quirky commuters that all hark back to their classic European heritage. Think leather saddles, baskets, carrying racks, all the bells and whistles but also some more minimal options for the purists.

Frustrated with what seemed like the Australian standard for cycling (cumbersome mountain bikes or high-end racers) Lekker founder Meindert Wolfraad began importing bikes after moving from Holland in 2011. He now has stores in Sydney (where he is based), Melbourne, Amsterdam and London.

“In the last four or five years I've seen the culture totally change in Australia – there are a lot more cyclists in the street. I would like to see even more of the Dutch approach to cycling in Australia. This means being able to lock your bike in the street and know that it won't rust.”

Lekker Bikes
23 Provost Street, North Melbourne
1300 053 525

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 10am–6pm
Sat 10am–5pm


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