We all have a lucky friend. The person who, when you’re both digging through the same pile of clothes, always pulls out that prized item at a fraction of the retail price. Moments later, you find something you like buried in the same pile, but it doesn’t come at the lower cost you’d expect at a vintage store. Often enough, you end up walking out empty-handed, thinking, ‘How dare they! This is used clothing’.

When Melbourne based entrepreneurs Dan Peou and Alex Dobbin met to discuss their idea for a retro clothing store a while back, they came up with Retro Market, a simple idea that cuts the cost out of vintage clothing.

Retro Market is a pop-up vintage clothing store that avoids overheads like rent and staff by staying mobile. They’re not forced to open up every morning, and when they do, they only pop-up where they’re needed most. That’s when the savings start, with accessories at $5, clothing at $10 and jackets at $20.

Retro Market will make its debut pop up from 10am to 4pm this Saturday and Sunday (September 22 and 23) at The Mercat Cross in Melbourne, complete with DJs, sangria and food from Babes On Grill.

So while you and your lucky friend flick through the racks this weekend, you can rest assured that you’ll both be getting a good deal.

Retro Market
The Mercat Cross
456 Queen Street, Melbourne

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Saturday September 22 & Sunday September 23, 10am–4pm