Our feet are pretty important parts of our body. They get us up in the morning, carry us from A to B and back to Z again each and every day. And sure, when opening up our wardrobes and selecting outfits for the day, shoes – albeit sensible or ridiculously close to back-breaking – always get a look in.

But for Sean Tribe and Pete Le Chic (of For The Homies and NOIR fame), that wasn't enough. They wanted to give a little more love and attention to our hard-working toes. And so sock line Relax was born.

For Tribe and Le Chic, wanting to produce an item that everyone could wear was at the heart of the project. "We wanted it to be accessible and we wanted it to be manufactured locally,” says Tribe. “Once upon a time Australia was a very successful destination for manufacturing, but it has slowly become less and less so. It was important to us that the line support local jobs and trade."

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Despite only being around for six months, Relax and its vibrant geometric prints are doing anything but taking it easy. Working with stores around Australia and the U.S. as well as online, the pair hopes to continue to create a truly unique item of clothing while moving onwards and upwards.

"They're for everyone,” says Tribe. “Young, old, blue, green, short or tall…they are for anyone who likes them."

And with summer on the way and our ankles soon to be exposed to sunshine, shorts and skirts again, the Aztec and Reginald socks are possibly the greatest accessories of the season.

You can find Relax socks stocked at Me & Co, Beggar Man Thief, Maiike Store, Up There Store, Spares Store, Zoologie, 1st Product, Lunar Store and Ursa Studio Design.