For the past two years, Katherine Hampton has been hand-making swimsuits for her brand Camp Cove Swimwear, including all the prints.

For Hampton, a swimsuit’s print is one of its most important aspects. And because she is working with a small surface area, she makes sure the graphics are eye-catching.

“It’s probably my inner control freak coming out, but I have such clear ideas about how I want the designs to look and the image I want the brand to portray, that at this stage, the easiest thing is for me is to take control of that aspect,” she says.

Her inspiration for the prints comes from retro fashion and Australian culture. One print features every states’ and territories’ floral emblem. She loves op-shops and the stories behind different pieces of clothing.

Camp Cove Swimwear uses a high-cut on the lower half, which accentuates and flatters your bottom. Hampton designed it this way because she wants every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin no matter what she wears.

“I wanted to make it clear that that it’s okay to embrace and showcase the favourite parts of yourself – but it’s also okay to cover up if that’s what you prefer to do. It’s not about what other people think you should wear, it’s about what you want to wear.”