Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) have finally opened a store in Sydney, and it has been worth the wait for fans up north. Since Melbourne artist/designer duo Misha Hollenbach and Shauna T launched the label in 2000, P.A.M. has built a name on merging art and fashion and garnered a cult following internationally, collaborating with designers from all over the world in the process.

Alongside their own P.A.M. collections, the store houses some of Japan’s finest and weirdest cult labels alongside the bold and bright of Bernard Wilhelm from Europe. Other labels include Kitsune, Wood Wood and Norse Projects for men and Bless and Cosmic Wonder for the ladies. The light-filled, tiled space – where Monster Children Gallery once stood – is held together with floor-to-ceiling poles, which provide the racking system for the garments. The change rooms are covered in newspaper wallpaper and are adorned with all things P.A.M.

Like the Someday Store in Curtin House, Melbourne, clothes are not all P.A.M. do. This creative team also publishes books, which are available in-store and sit nicely next to perfume, toys and a new addition of curated second hand pieces from The Chosen One.

On the cards back down in their hometown, P.A.M. are collaborating with conceptual fashion label Bless on an upcoming exhibition at Craft Victoria and making a new film titled Changes.

These guys don’t mess around and they don’t even have to try to get our attention.

Perks and Mini (Sydney)
Suite C/20 Burton Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9360 5488

Mon- Wed 11am–7pm
Thu 11am–8pm
Fri 11am–7pm
Sat 11am–6pm
Sun 12pm–5pm