POMS designer Adriana Giuffrida is responsible for creating the soft circles of fuzz that you’ve seen dangling from the ears, necks and arms of anyone game enough to wear them. Her latest collection, GEMM*, offsets the playful charm of her pom poms with rounded metals, pastel hues and gleaming stones.

The jewellery label was established in 2011 after Giuffrida’s honeymoon travels through Hong Kong and Bali. “When I came home I started putting these rings together that had pom poms on them and sterling silver beads and crystals, and people really liked them, so it organically grew from there,” says Giuffrida. She confesses that it was only after a friend’s encouragement that she decided to reproduce the now quintessential pom pom earrings which were created on a later trip to Japan.

GEMM*’s understated poms are affixed to slim gold rings and drop earrings beside silver and gold globular pendants, fine, jewel-encrusted ear cuffs and open rose-quartz rings. The SS14/15 collection also draws inspiration from the metaphysical meanings of precious stones.

“I choose the crystals based on colour first and then I try to find the stone that has the meaning that’s relating to me the best at that time when I’m doing a collection,” she says. This season the new mother chose the love stone, rose quartz, and calming amethyst. From there she creates equilibrium by tying materials together through colour and shape.

GEMM* includes a new drop of POMS sunglasses, an ongoing collaboration with Samantha Stevenson from Pared, along with the first range of POMS bags. The explosions of black fluff were designed around a print that is also used as the POMS logo. “In a bizarre way the bags started with a lining and grew from there because I really wanted to use this print,” explains Giuffrida.

Although she was initially surprised by the popularity of oversized pom poms Giuffrida is excited to expand on what has become the defining aspect of her label. “They’re still the most popular thing I do and I’m constantly trying to reinvent them. It’s a good challenge and a fun challenge for me to try to make them different every time.”

GEMM* is currently available for pre-order from pomspoms.com.