The tremendously talented Lucy Hearn and Lily Daley of Peaches + Keen are back and brighter than ever with this new range of bold earrings available exclusively within the exuberant walls of Dagmar Rousset.

Though Peaches + Keen recently vetoed their jewellery line to concentrate on their planters and prints, the pair’s long relationship with Dagmar owner Julia Pound led them to shift course and create this fantastic range of one-off pieces.

Drawing upon the brains and the brawn of a graphic designer and a gold and silversmith, Peaches + Keen’s creations are unique pieces of art. Hearn and Daley place great importance on creating inimitable pieces that invoke the special, cherished notion of a one-off find. “We place a high value in having something personal and locally made rather than something generic and mass produced,” Daley explains.

This new range of jewellery was created in the midst of a love affair with colour, pattern and the beauty of nature. Each earring is unique like a snowflake; no two patterns are the same. “A lot of work goes into fusing and melting the plastic together,” says Daley of the design process. “It’s then attached to a sterling silver hook that Lucy has made to reflect and compliment the shape of the earring.”

Peaches + Keen know how we like our jewellery: big, bold and colourful. If you feel like your outfit is missing the flare of eye candy, do yourself a favour and spoil yourself with some Peaches + Keen ear adornments.

Peaches + Keen’s limited edition earrings are available exclusively at the Dagmar Rousset store for a short time only.