Fans of Melbourne menswear label Pageant will be thrilled to learn that designers Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds are now designing for the ladies too. Since 2010, the pair’s innovative fabric use and sport-inspired aesthetic has injected a welcomed boost of energy into the local menswear scene.

To finance the spring/summer 13/14 collection, Cumming and Reynolds took to crowd-funding website Pozible, an outlet the fashion industry is increasingly turning to help its projects come to life (Perth designer Jamie Lee Major recently launched a campaign to help her show at Paris couture shows in July). Their $10,000 target was met, proving to Reynolds and Cumming that women were willing to support the label before seeing the results.

“We have always had quite an interest from women,” Reynolds says, “and also quite a significant female fan base that wear the menswear. We're not into the idea of unisex clothing, so we felt that designing a women’s range was the next step to take.”

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The designers often explore the transition into adulthood and they continue this theme in their women’s collection. Sporty windbreakers and bombers clash with ruffles, lace and pink tones. It’s a cohesive collection that manages to be tomboy-cool and sweet at the same time. “There is a distinct separation between the male and the female,” explains Reynolds, “which has been a surprise for some of our fans.”

Judging by the look book, the range is a perfect way to rediscover your inner angst-riddled 90s teen. The angst might come from the fact that it won’t land in store until next season – but it’ll be worth waiting for.

Pageant’s women’s collection will be stocked at Pet Shop Girls next season.