Jewellery label O.T.T by Lia T has launched a fandangled new online store, and to celebrate Melbourne designer Lia Tabrah is having a grand sale. She is selling 2010 samples as well as crocodile-themed pieces that have soldered the reptile’s reputation as one of the most stylish muses around.

Lia’s designs are an ode to the over the top and the absolutely fabulous – the kind of killer style theatrics we might associate with 80s shows like Dynasty. She brings uniquely Australian reference points to designs that put an idiosyncratic spin on all things bling, all in the name of jewel-drippingly good times.

Describing some of the pieces, Lia mentions shining faux diamond cocktail rings, necklaces assembled from Barbie’s much coveted shoe collection, neon moc croc button earrings and “a survivor of a crocodile attack” – leg pendants with a gold-plated, perfectly intact stiletto dangling from the end. The designer’s fascination with Darwin and its surrounds manifests itself in both the style and the names of collections such as No Swimming and Reptilica.

Discussing her metal manicure nails, Lia points to the glamour and excess of the 1980s. The idea for metal manicure evolved from her desire to create jewellery for parts of the body we don’t usually see adorned. “Metal manicure is like wearing a luxurious item of jewellery while having a glamorous body treatment,” she says. The best part about the sterling silver and Italian brass nails, though, could be their ability to command attention. “They make a fabulous tapping sound when you are waiting for a service at a bar.”

The website is designed by Ness Flett, who has created a striking aesthetic that Lia describes as “80s electro neon pop". O.T.T by Lia.T is style on safari.