Lover and lace have proved a captivating duo since the label’s launch more than 10 years ago. There’s something about the softness and antiquity of lace that sits so well against Nic Briand and Susien Chong’s timeless designs.

It’s a love of Chong’s that has extended well into the arms of her clients; Lover has become so synonymous with lace that customers continue to ask for a particular dress long after it has left the racks. It’s with this in mind, that Briand and Chong have launched White Magick, an all-lace, 16-piece capsule collection of celebrated, archival designs – a greatest hits of sorts. Staying true to a white and ivory colour palette, the dreamy designs have been slightly tweaked or re-envisioned, as Chong puts it, for today’s market.

Speaking to Broadsheet at the collection launch at their flagship Strand Arcade store in Sydney this week, Chong is reticent to use the ‘B word’ but it’s hard not to imagine how perfect some of the long, 70s-inspired dresses would be for the winsome bride.

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In reality, it’s simply a small collection of statement dresses featuring some of Lover’s more notorious designs, such as the infamous plunging neckline gown worn by Myf Shepherd at last year’s 10th anniversary show. Compromising on quality is not an option for Chong and the label was able to re-interpret and produce their designs to the same high standard of the original garments using delicate French-milled lace patterns.

White Magick’s price range starts at just under $600, with the most expensive pieces at around $3000, and will only be available at the flagship boutique. Opening the store has been an inspired business decision according to Chong, who loves being able to creatively direct the space (she calls it more a gallery than a shop) and being able to meet and engage with her customers face to face.

“I have no regrets we didn’t open a Lover store earlier, as we were doing other amazing things, but I am so pleased we opened when we did,” she says.

For Chong, the evolving capsule will not be restricted to all white, adding that some of the mini-dresses look “killer in black lace”. And, when asked if the capsule will continue to grow, she hints, “You’ll never know what may come out of the vault.”

White Magick is now available in store.