Since its inception in 2013, Australian denim label Rolla’s has been making jeans that have become a favourite of fashion girls (and boys).

Over the past decade it’s gained a global following, with its flattering signature curved back-pocket stitching seen on models such as Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie, as well as Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin. Yet despite that international success, the same laid-back spirit that inspires its designs still infuses its stores, including its latest, which opened in Brighton earlier this month.

The new location is Rolla’s second in Melbourne, joining the Fitzroy flagship that opened last year. Rolla’s enlisted IF Architecture – the design team behind restaurants Cutler & Co, Marion and Attica – to design a space that reflects the brand’s “fresh, bright and feminine” character.

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The brand’s updated take on nostalgia isn’t just found in the vintage-washed jeans hanging from its clothes racks: it’s also seen in the new space’s dusty pink walls, bamboo lights and burnt-orange accents.

Clothes racks and tables are stocked with Rolla’s full women’s denim and apparel collection, including high-rise vintage flares, classic straights and a healthy dose of corduroy, as well as dresses, classic T-shirts and vests. Shoppers can duck behind rust-orange curtains to try on future purchases – because, as all denim-lovers know, in-person shopping for jeans remains the best approach.

Rolla’s Brighton
43 Church Street, Brighton
(03) 9593 1608

Mon to Fri 9am–5.30pm
Sat 9am–5pm
Sun 10am–5pm