Last year, bedding label Sheet Society opened its first bricks-and-mortar store in Abbotsford, connected to the warehouse and head office. Now the brand has opened another boutique, this time across the river.

Local design studio Golden (Buff, Nine Yards, Sum of Us) is behind the fit-out, with warm neutral tones, subtle curves and natural materials like travertine complementing the brand’s core product hues.

“These beautiful, polished plaster walls are kind of undulating, so they divide the space and it feels like different bedrooms. It’s obviously a very narrow space, so we used it quite cleverly,” Sheet Society co-founder Hayley Worley tells Broadsheet. “When you walk in, your view is towards the feature beds and on the other side we have all our products.”

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Between the different bed sizes, colours, materials (100 per cent natural linen, cotton, corduroy, flannelette and waffle) and product types (from flat and fitted sheets through to pillowcases and quilt covers), the brand has more than 3800 individual items – all lined up neatly by the wall, so you can pick them up off the rack and mix and match.

You can also book an hour-long session with one of Sheet Society’s “sleep stylists”, who’ll take you through the range and help curate products for your room’s individual needs and your aesthetic tastes.

“A lot of people come in with swatches of rugs, or maybe flooring samples. I had a guy come in once with a whole bedhead, literally,” Worley laughs. “Sometimes we get cushions that we need to match to, and a lot of the time it’s artwork. The bed is the biggest thing in your bedroom, so it really is that focal point that can really tie together all the colours in your room.”

The team can also strip the display beds so you can see what the combination looks like in person – think of it as “like a fitting room for your bed”, as Worley puts it. “I think there’s a really big emphasis on curating your home a lot more than [there] used to be.”

Want to sleep on it? There are small swatch cards of the different fabrics you can bring home to see them in the actual room’s regular lighting, or to compare to your furniture at home.

The brand’s latest release – cosy flannelette PJs in two unisex colour ways – is also available in the store.

Sheet Society
1123 High Street, Armadale
(03) 9917 3040

Mon to Fri 9am–6pm

Sat 9am–5pm
Sun 10am–5pm

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