Occupying a 70 square corner frontage in Smith Street, the concept behind the shop is the first documented case of Stockholm syndrome. A 1970’s Swedish bank heist and subsequent six day long hostage situation. The hostages began to fall in love with their captors and felt threatened by the police who rescued them.

Uncannily the Neuw shop was once a bank. It’s fit-out is of entirely reclaimed furnishings from the chairs, tables and racks.

Of special mention is the $1000 Room, the original preserved bank vault. It now protects founder Par Lundquist’s collection of vintage denim. The guys behind the denim brand used 2,000 pairs of recycled jeans as the creative muse behind a process called ‘vintage revision’, which saw the development of personalised threads with an edge. Considering this penchant for the designs of yesteryear, the vault is a worthy precaution.

You will be captivated (pun intended) by the jeans on offer and their reasonable price tag.

169 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Mon-Thu noon-6pm
Fri noon-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 11am-5pm

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