If you have no idea what the New Balance’s NB574 project is don’t worry it’s not too late to start following the journey. Basically it’s an initiative by New Balance that aims to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of five emerging Australian creative hot-shots from various disciplines. The link being that these guys embody New Balance’s slogan “Craftsmanship and Imagination”.

So while you’re working away at your desk you can get a glimpse what life might be like when you ditch the nine to five existence to become a contemporary artist (Meggs), a fashion designer (Jimmy Bliggs), start a band (Vinci Andanar), become a freelance graphic designer (Tristan Ceddia) or build a mobile food truck (Raph Rashid).

The beauty of this project lies in its frankness. They aren’t setting out to glamorise or make it seem like these guys have perfect lives. Videographer Louis Mitchell simply documents exactly what they do on a day-to-day basis. So while Raph Rashid gets to spend part of his day sifting through demos helping to choose the winner of the Hilltop Hood’s $10,000 unsigned artist initiative, he also has to spend the other half dropping his kids off at school and cleaning his two trucks.

Similarly, Vinci Andanar has been touring for the last two weeks: cruising up the East coast with his band Gold Fields, meeting girls and playing gigs. But now he’s back in Ballarat hanging out with his Mum and having some downtime to work on his writing.

Jimmy Bliggs chats about leaving school after year 10 and how his time as a graffiti artist served as a sort of apprenticeship for his work now.

Contemporary artist Meggs is preparing for his first solo show in London.

Tristan has been busy tying the knot and honeymooning in Hong Kong and Bali, but has also managed to make some more progress on his book and maintain his love project, The Blackmail.

Again the team have managed to capture some insightful visual content, combined it with casual interviews and good backing tracks, and have condensed it into five neat mini documentaries.

Head to nb574.com to check it out.