With Splendour in the Grass in sight and a spontaneous camping trip always on the cards, it pays to be practical. New Melbourne label Merry People, has made this easy by making high-quality gumboots that will keep your feet dry while looking killer.

The snug boots are a notch above your regular gardener’s gumboots, with a four-millimetre neoprene lining (the material used for wetsuits), and a natural rubber exterior that insulates as well as protects. These are made with comfort and functionality in mind.

The designer, Danielle Holloway says, “I was looking for a pair of gumboots because going to work, my feet kept getting wet in winter. I knew what I wanted; something understated, good quality and neutral so it didn’t overtake my outfit. I thought to myself, I can do this. I know what I’m looking for and I think I can make it.”

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The ankle-height gumboots come in navy, bone white, rust and dark green. They’re an understated classic that proves practicality doesn’t need to compromise your look.

“I think gumboots should be a staple in every Melbourne girl’s wardrobe,” says Holloway. “When it’s raining you can just put on a pair of boots and look great in them. They still look like they’re a fashionable boot.”

Merry People gumboots are $120. For stockists, click here.