Constantly reinventing the way they display their carefully selected garments, accessories, design objects and home wares, the team behind Monk House Design went back to the drawing board to create an updated look for the Brunswick East store.

On a mission to revitalise the store, the team – along with builder Scott McCormick – set about creating a bright and clever space. Replacing dark timbers with light pine and plywood, adding some greenery and a touch of neon, the newly renovated space is both beautiful and practical.

The new space focuses on multifunctional design and in-store installations from featured designers. The use of a new perforated board lining the front wall also allows for an array of different visual merchandising displays.

It all translates to a more dynamic space, giving the Monk House Design girls the opportunity to mix things up as often as they please and making the store all the more exciting for both regulars and newcomers. The minimal design essentially lets the clothes speak for themselves, like a gallery that showcases the pieces hanging within it, rather than a traditional retail space.

A lifestyle destination and one-stop-shop for all things good, Monk House Design continues to please Melbourne’s creative and design-savvy ladies.

Monk House Design
102 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
(03) 9381 1191

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