Located on Yarra Place, opposite St Ali in South Melbourne, is currently Mixed Tape, a temporary pop up shop. A temporary design focused store selling a range of individual pieces from some of the area’s favourite galleries and retailers, The Mixed Tape is selling everything from surf boards to watches, books, jewellery, artworks, board-shorts, clothes and homeswares.

Just like a mixed tape, the shop reflects the taste of the complier, is selected from a list of their favourites, and is viewed as a conceptual mix of pieces linked by a theme and mood, but tailored to the intended recipient. Same with this one.

The Mixed Tape is open for just five days before Christmas, but three of them have been, so you’re down to two. It’s open this Thursday and Friday (23rd and 24th Dec).

Mixed Tape
11-13 Yarra Place, South Melbourne

Thu 23 Dec, 10am-4pm
Fri 24 Dec, 10am-4pm