For those of you who haven’t heard of Mister Zimi, let alone the story behind its creation, the brand’s success perfectly illustrates how small inspirations can turn into big successes.

While on holiday in Bali with her husband Jimi, Zoe Paul decided to have some personal sketches of a leather jacket she’d been working on made at a local tailor. The result was a beautifully fitted jacket that Paul couldn’t stop wearing.

After returning to Melbourne, her friends begged that she return to Bali and bring back more clothes. And soon, after many trips back to Bali to experiment with styles, fabrics, and designs, Zoe was bringing home suitcases full of her personal designs.

Then in 2010, Zoe and Jimi (after being mistakenly called “Mister Zimi” on his arrival) made Bali their home and created the wonderful online store that is now Mister Zimi. As soon as the store launched, women from all over began to seek the chic, yet affordable, clothing. There’s only issue was, the store’s lack of physical presence.

No longer – well, temporarily at least. Mister Zimi is making an appearance in both Sydney and Melbourne as a pop-up shop.

The ephemeral nature of pop-up shops perfectly suits the light and effortless style of Mister Zimi’s clothing. The store gives Zimi shoppers, new and old, the opportunity to explore the beautiful garments and accessories to find the perfect size without the risks of online shopping.

So, come and enjoy the rare chance to try on the Mister Zimi collection in person.

Mister Zimi Pop-up, Melbourne
December 13–18
174 Chapel Street, Prahran
(Near the corner of Chapel and High Streets)

Mon-Fri 11am–7pm
Sat & Sun 10am–5pm