Dynamic duo of Misha Hollenbach and Shauna T – otherwise known as Perks and Mini – are well known for their collaborations with other artists and designers. For their spring/summer 2011 collection ‘Wild Wild Life’, P.A.M. have teamed up with Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, using her artwork to create two distinctly playful prints.

Kawai’s work is greatly influenced by her adolescent obsession with Western pop culture and the handmade dolls and textiles she encountered on her travels through Turkey, Nepal and Thailand. Her recent work is eclectic and almost crafty, as she builds soft sculptures made from cardboard, fabric, her own clothing and 99-cent store finds and makes dolls resembling both her and her friends.

P.A.M.’s local retail arm, Someday, had stocked Kawai’s adorable, illustrated travel zines in the past and approached the artist to collaborate with them on their new collection simply because they loved her work. They describe her art as “such a good fit for the feeling of the collection… We were really fortunate that she was so open and we could pick and choose from all her artwork.”

The range features dresses and jumpsuits with all-over prints of Kawai’s animal line drawings as well as leggings, t-shirts, knits and a bag with a colourful animal print.

The spirit of collaboration continues in the front windows of East Brunswick’s Monk House Design, long-time stockists of P.A.M. who have deemed the collaboration one of their favourites. Kawai’s lions, tigers and birds cover the front window, with the garments featured inside. Head on down for the full Misaki x P.A.M. x Monk House Design experience.


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