Wouldn’t it be nice if our lives were as colourful as they used to be in primary school? Back when a day at school meant making macaroni necklaces and finger painting murals.

Coupling fashion illustration with splashes of bright colours reminiscent of those used in primary school, Michi Girl creators Daniel Pollock and Chloe Quigley have set up the Michi Shop online, giving “pre-school art” an adult touch and making it easier for everyone to get a punch of colour in their lives every once in a while.

Michi Girl, with her signature fiercely red hair, is beautifully illustrated on almost everything from glossy postcards to vibrant prints. The Michi Postcard Book would make cute thank you notes or a birthday card, although chances are you’ll want to keep them all to yourself. Meanwhile, the Fat Fatty Carpenter Pencils, a bundle of four grey lead pencils, will remind you of a time when you went to school with practically the whole contents of your stationary drawer stuffed in your pencil case.

The Michi Shop includes some exclusive online deals. They’re selling the The Pack (a totebag, pencils, notebook and postcards), valued at almost $70, for $49.95. Also, spend $50 or more and they’ll throw in a Thanks Very Michi Tote gratis for good measure!

Shop now open at michigirl.com.