Men don’t have much flexibility when choosing what to wear to the Spring Racing Carnival. Generally women get to experiment a little bit more with the latest hat trends or seasonal patterns.

So it comes as a relief to the fashion-conscious men of Melbourne that the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has relaxed the Members’ Enclosure’s male dress code.

VRC Executive General Manager of Customer Engagement Caroline Ralphsmith said in a statement, “In light of current fashion trends, the Club has decided to change its policy … Men in the VRC Members’ Enclosure can now choose not to wear socks.”

There’s no official dress code for those in General Admission, so expect big numbers of sockless pairs of loafers on the lawn as this no-socks trend keeps growing.

“The change to our dress regulations recognises our customers’ fashion-forward tastes and reflects our awareness of sartorial trends,” Ralphsmith said. “The VRC is proud of this history and therefore has dress regulations that are reviewed regularly to maintain this high standard.”

But guys, if you decide to take advantage of these changes, please wear some shoes that allow your feet to breathe a little. Your fellow racegoers will thank you.