Netflix recommends shows you might like, and Spotify crafts playlists according to your musical tastes. Now there’s a personalised book service: Bookabuy.

Husband-and-wife Chris and Mel Tantchev are behind Bookabuy. Chris realised there was a gap in the Australian market when he couldn’t find a paper-anniversary present for his book-loving wife. “I wanted to get her a book subscription, but I really couldn’t find anything like that in Australia,” says Chris.

Every book subscription is tailored to the individual. “Customers can go to our website, choose between 12 available genres [including fantasy, science fiction, classics and kids], give some information about the reader and buy a subscription either for themselves or as a gift,” says Chris.

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You can sign up for a three-, six- or 12-month subscription and receive a handpicked book, gift-wrapped in traditional brown paper and craft string, every month. There’s also the option of a one-off mystery book. All books are new releases (except the classics, of course) so there is a slim chance you will have already read it.

Bookabuy has received an abundance of positive feedback, which Chris says is down to Mel’s passion for reading. “Its Melissa’s ability to accurately pick these books for people.”

Starting a new book business in the era of the e-reader may be considered by some a risky move, but Chris doesn’t agree. “There is a lot of data suggesting the death of the print industry is greatly exaggerated. There’s a big trend returning towards the humble paperback.”

The three, six and 12-month subscription is $40, $38 and $36 per month respectively.