Fashion Week can be overwhelming at the best of times, even for the most seasoned of fashion industry veterans. The program for this year’s Spring Fashion Week is extensive, but Broadsheet is here to trim it down for you. Here, we give you a succinct idea of what the week ahead will cover and outline what we feel are the key events at this year’s MSFW.

Designer Series
These are the flagship events of Fashion Week. This year, there are four key gala fashion show runway events, all of which are to be held in the grand space that is the Melbourne Town Hall. Each of the shows presents a strong line up of leading designers.

Business Series
It wouldn’t be a fashion week without a business seminar component, and MSFW is no exception. This series covers a wide range of topics including social media, the importance of innovation in success and creativity to engage consumers.

MSFW @ City Square
The city square component of the MSFW brings the festival to the masses. Here, individuals have an opportunity to be a part of the festival without the pressure of a gala event. This initiative isn’t usually a major draw card, but be sure to check out Show 3 by The Social Studio.

Emerging Designer Series
This part of the program plays host to some of the most interesting and innovative designs and examples of garment construction. Emerging designers offer a new and exciting vantage on the fashion industry with work from the most promising of fashion graduates displayed as part of studio exhibitions and fashion shows.

Look.Stop.Shop at MSFW
Styling, visual merchandising and art direction are often seen as a support element to a fashion festival, but Look.Stop.Shop will stop this line of thought in its tracks. Look.Stop.Shop is a visual merchandising installation and experiential project based in and around stores in the Melbourne CBD – which has rolled on from the State of Design Festival – showcasing each store’s installation prowess to the street.

City Series & Special Events
The City Series is the most extensive section of the MSFW program. It covers a number of events and activities taking place across Melbourne during the festival with the help of partnering organisations. The series comprises events such as exhibitions, workshops, markets, launches, movies and presentations to mention a few. Our favourite section of the program, this year’s City Series includes an exhibition of Christian Dior’s magnificence at the CAE dubbed Visionary of Couture and the New Look, a Kimono House Japanese textile workshop, a wall projection at Obus, the As Modern As Tomorrow exhibition at the State Library and the Men of Fashion film series at ACMI.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival runs from September 5 to 11 around the city.

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