“We eventually want to be like, ‘People think slipper, they think Monte’, [the same way] people think thongs, they think Havaianas,” Lib Hutton said upon opening the slipper brand’s first retail store in November 2019. “That’s the dream.”

Unfortunately that dream is no more and – six years after Hutton and her husband Will Carter founded the label that made unisex hotel-style loafers that could be worn to the pub or to work, as well as around the house – the couple took to Monte’s Instagram to share the news they were closing their business.

“After six years of taking you from the sofa to the street in style, we’re hitting snooze on Monte,” the statement said. “Quite frankly, we’ve found ourselves between a rock and a hard place and can’t continue to give Monte the love it deserves.

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“Since 2018 our lives have changed significantly. The demands of a growing family, a very real retail crisis and increased cost-of-living pressures have presented challenges we could never have imagined.”

As a parting gift to their dedicated, well-heeled followers, they have discounted the stock on their website by 50 per cent

In a Tiktok, Hutton shared that they’re thankful for their business journey and hopeful for what’s next. “We’ve learnt so much, we want to start something else new,” she said.