Girls and make-up are interesting bedfellows. Some ladies like to cake it on, others like it more natural, some not at all. We all know about bright eye shadows, red lips and mascara, but did anyone ever actually teach you how to apply your make-up? As though it was innate, come a certain age or maturity most ladies begin wearing make-up and take their hand to their faces with little guidance.

So, international hair and make-up artist Blanka Dudas decided it was time to show us some of her professional touches. Highlighting the natural beauty of the likes of Rose Byrne, Abbie Cornish, Isabel Lucas and Melissa George, Dudas has been at the forefront of her craft for years, working in the context of TV commercials, music videos, films and some of the world’s leading fashion magazines.

But back on home turf, she’s keen to show local ladies like ourselves just how to accentuate our own faces, getting those flushed, rosy cheeks by day and those dark, smoky eyes by night. “No one ever teaches you how to do your own make-up unless you go to make-up school, but many of us wear it every day and there are some tricks to the trade,” she says.

Dudas tells us minimise our make-up bags, ditch the natural glow (and sparkles), blend powdered colours to suit our skin, and not to leave the make-up counter at a department store with five products we didn’t need when all when came for was some lippy.

Blank Dudas runs small, four-hour workshops every second weekend. Find out more here: