Talking about coats and jumpers on a sweltering day doesn’t seem right. Then again, it’s Melbourne. Melbourne-based owners and designers of Limb the Label, Sinead Hargreaves and Andria Kiefer, understand our city’s temperamental climate. The focus of their first winter collection is on being trans-seasonal. 

“We want to be consistent in doing things that are loosely tailored and easy to wear for different people all year round,” says Kiefer. “Our designs are wearable and realistic.”

The new sophomore collection features a range of building blocks including slightly flared pants (not exactly culottes), boiled-wool jumpers and duster coats, all in black, white, grey, red and a statement check print.

Local manufacturing is in a unique place at the moment. Lately there’s been something like a boom in young labels choosing to make their products in Melbourne. Sister, Pageant, Ken The Label, Rouda and Witu all manufacture locally. Hargreaves and Kiefer are part of that wave. They’re passionate about keeping what’s left of the city’s manufacturing capabilities alive.

“We hear stories all the time from our suppliers and manufacturers about the garment hubs that were once around here,” Hargreaves says. “There are still people with the skills to do it onshore now, if we could only create more demand.”

“Our aim is to be thoughtfully and locally made,” Kiefer continues. “Our ethical standpoint is to be as transparent as possible. It’s difficult for any label to claim that they’re 100 per cent ethical – as a small label with limited resources, there’s only so far you can track the origins of your fabrics up the supply chain. At the very least, we wanted all our clothing to be manufactured here in Melbourne.”

Limb’s AW16 collection is now available for pre-order ahead of the winter arrival.