She has created jewellery collections inspired by seafood, pizza and pasta. Now it’s finally time for dessert. Lucy Folk’s new range, Sugar, has been released.

An ode to the sweeter things in life, the collection features Cream Tart cuffs and chokers, Bonbon rings and stud earrings, and Twizzler bracelets and necklaces. “I was excited to celebrate something that’s becoming taboo these days. People are obviously straying away from sugar and sweet things so it’s nice to be able to wear it without having to consume it,” says designer Lucy Folk. Folk is also pleased to be using precious stones.

Sugar also sees Lucy Folk’s first foray into eyewear, a new permanent product category for the brand. “The sunglasses are super exciting and that was a really lengthy process. I collaborated with Julia Sarr-Jamois [the 23-year-old, London-based editor of Wonderland magazine and all-round fashion magazine fixture], which was great. She’s such an amazing colour enthusiast and has incredible style,” she says.

To promote the new line, Folk has gone beyond simple lookbook images for the presentation of Sugar and has dabbled in film. “We’re now so spoilt with all the outlets you can use to promote and communicate your brand. It’s nice to create more of an atmosphere around it. I feel that with just still life it’s sometimes harder to do that".

SUGAR Film from Lucy Folk on Vimeo.

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