Are you hungry? Lucy Folk reckons you should keep your snacks where you can see them – on your neck, fingers, wrists or earlobes. You never know when a vine of grapes or a handful of mint peas might come in handy.

Although you can’t serve Folk’s brand of gold, silver and crocheted food up on a platter for tea, her jewelled delicacies will keep you satisfied for longer than the perishable snacks they are based on. Feast is Folk’s most recent collection and adds to the banquet of wearable food Folk has been serving up since she started the label out the back of Melbourne retail-cum-gallery space Pieces of Eight back in 2005.

Feast features further collaborations with crochet guru Rachelle King, providing the perfect quality threads to garnish the clove, currant, grapes, carrots and tacos (Folk’s signature dish) of the collection. In keeping with Folk’s quality over quantity approach to design, each piece has been hand crafted from oxidised silver and gold, with no two pieces the same – this is three Michelin starred quality dining, not a fast food chain.

Feast is the perfect cure for the fashion hungry and will leave those who wear the Lucy Folk pieces with a far more covetable accessory than a potbelly to show for it. Dig in.