Lingerie is a total luxury. Like jewellery, nice perfume and flowers, it makes the wearer feel as though they are carrying a secret under their clothes, if they have clothes on at all. But when it comes to Argentinean lingerie range Jane Pain, this is the kind of undergarment you will never want to hide.

Created by Buenos Airies-based designer Patrician Salinas, the luxurious Jane Pain lingerie line is now available in Australia. Distributed by two sisters in Melbourne and Sydney at lingerie parties, the sultry garments are made to wear like a second skin and to highlight the private, intimate and sexiest parts of a woman’s body.

The boutique lingerie line took shape in the Mayan Riviera in 2008, when Salinas, a self-made designer, started to play with fabrics. This is a skill in her blood: her father also works as a designer for fabric imprints. The result was a collection of bras, pants, garter belts, one pieces and g-strings made of silk, satin, lace and cotton that are at once sensual, sexy and comfortable.

Luckily for us, when an Aussie girl (coincidentally by the name of Jane) was over in Buenos Aries, she stumbled across the Jane Pain range. Now back in Australia with a suitcase full of racy undies to flaunt, Jane Willersdorf and her sister Sarah, are selling the Jane Pain range at lingerie parties on a regular basis. Much like at a Tupperware party, ladies gather at a friend’s house to drink champagne and buy these lacy pieces. These are private parties, and at this stage they are only for women. Of course this doesn’t account for those gents who want to buy their fair lady some sexy undies but fret not, plans for this are in the works, as is an online store that is set to open by the end of the year.

So unless you are in the know about lingerie parties with Jane Pain, you will have to wait until then. We just thought we’d tease you.

Jane Pain lingerie sets sell for $75-$95. This includes bra and undies.