Allow me to introduce you to someone you really should know. I think you’ll get along. One of you wants to look a-mazing; the other makes a-mazing clothes. Hi reader, this is Limedrop. Can I offer you both a drink?

Limedrop is one of those labels that radiates positivity. Every interaction with the clothes and the designers reinforces the sense of spiritedness and happiness that fashion can be. Since 2006, their loyal and enthusiastic fans have eagerly stepped out in their signature print tees, hoodies, leggings and offbeat adventures into quirky, innovative garments fit for the everywhere-kids – you know, the ones you see at all the store launches, exhibition openings, conventions on cool. And those kids are, by definition, extremely discerning about what plaid they’ll put on their backs.

You and Limedrop have probably seen each other across a crowded room before, but something special has happened in the production of their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection; something has shifted and if you haven’t been a Limedrop fan before now, these are the garments that may just pique your interest.

So let’s get to know Limedrop a bit better: Northern Territorians Clea Garrick and Nathan Price met, fell in love, got married and settled in Fitzroy, where they started a small but focused fashion label, your new best friend Limedrop. In no time at all they grew, their collections evolved, and they were stocked throughout the nation as well as internationally. In just three years the couple and the label have built a very tidy reputation that continues on a firm and steady rise.

Limedrop’s designers have always had a unique ability to embrace the fun factor and stitch it into every seam. Their sense of humour and play is evident in the silhouettes and prints that so characterise their designs each season. These are combined with a deceptively relaxed construction, making each garment an easy wardrobe staple that’s guaranteed to get you the required amount of attention with no sacrifice to comfort.

Their forthcoming Silver Lining collection is as fun as ever – something we need as much of in fashion as we can possibly get. What is striking in next season’s offering, however, is how rounded and complete the range is: it’s a noticeable step up for Limedrop; it’s directional, desirable and wearable, with the right amount and combination of pieces that will be favourites for 2010.

The hero in Silver Lining is an ethereal cloud digital print that I want to embrace as a signature for 2010. So much so that for the first time in my life I would be excited to see a couple walking down the street in matching outfits – as long as it’s the cloud print in a silk singlet (heaven, pardon the pun) worn under the Fall Cardigan for Her, and the Peru Long Polo (digital printed merino, total winner) under the Silk Spanish Jacket for Him. An anywhere combination, you’d have to agree, no?

The cloud print was originally developed in collaboration with Think Positive Designer Prints for an exhibition as part of the 2009 State of Design Festival. It was a splendid installation concept, but as Limedrop continues to grow and impress, such initiatives serve to strengthen their position as a label with the chops to cut through the noise.

In singling out this one component of the Autumn/Winter collection it’s important to also mention that it sits alongside a whole suite of other contrasting, yet complementary, print and fabrication stories, which is a Limedrop trait and an almost surprising strength in the range. It’s unexpected that the combinations work as well as they do. Sea and sand silk prints sit in friendly conversation with brushed cotton plaids and jacquard knits. And I wouldn’t have expected to be praising its inclusion but can I recommend my favourite piece in the collection: black PVC-coated linen Spanish pleated pants anyone? (Although they probably shouldn’t be worn with the black PVC-coated linen Spanish jacket. That might be a bit much, unlike the aforementioned full cloud-print combinations.)

And so, with that, I’ll leave you and Limedrop to have a chat. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Because, really, anyone who manages to not only make poo-pants look this good but give them the far more chic title of Peru slouch pants (poo-pants, Peru pants, get it?!) is okay by me.

You can pick up Limedrop at -
Comeback Kid - Level 1, 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
Papillon - Level 3, 34 Block Place, Melbourne
or at their online store.