It’s happening. You stand before each other by the bed for the first time. You unbutton your blouse. He starts peeling off his chinos. Suddenly, panic. What underwear did you throw on? Was it the frilly number that makes your behind look like a slutty wedding cake? Or the one with cartoon zebras stampeding over your bits? Or the notorious granny panties, clinging to your navel like a big flesh-coloured stop sign?

Prepare to have your knickers untwisted by new boutique lingerie line, Light Years.

This comfortable collection radiates a quiet cool, with an edge. Created by Melbourne graphic designer Annika Seidel, Light Years is here to fill the huge void in the market between over-the-top, sexed-up lingerie and candy-coloured kiddie prints stamped with screaming brand logos.

Entering the fashion realm for the first time from, Seidel’s design instincts have led her to complement the natural, feminine shape through linear styles and angular seams, and subtle stud detailing for a special finish. The debut collection not only features a select range of bras and underwear, but tanks and tees designed to match the other pieces or even to be worn as outerwear.

Using a striking colour palette of acid yellows, blacks, creams and greys, the modern look is matched with a classic, tasteful modesty. With geometric panelling of sheer mesh carefully grazing the thigh or just below the breast, it’s about sexuality through suggestion, not exhibition.

While supporting local industry by manufacturing in Coburg (in Melbourne’s inner north), the range is also designed for the comfort of everyday wear. Materials such as cotton and disco spandex provide softness, stretch, and breathability and the smooth, body-contouring fabric allows for subtle wear under any outfit.

After a few years of hesitation, Seidel finally decided to pursue the lingerie line after hearing her own underwear grievances repeatedly echoed by other women. Since releasing her catalogue, she’s now being pressed by friends to work on a men’s range, or more desperately, maternity wear. But they’ll just have to wait, as Seidel is busy already putting together the follow-up Light Years collection for next season.

Even before its release, Light Years is already gathering momentum thanks to a bizarre promotional video produced by local film company, The Apiary, featuring purple cabbages, girls spinning in piles of gravel, mysterious Russian narration and some outstanding visual design.

Clocking over 10,000 views on Vimeo so far, the video has already been featured by The Design Files and Urban Outfitters.

The Light Years collection will be out on August 15, with the range available at Monk House Design, Alice Euphemia and on the Light Years online store.

So unless you’re building a makeshift tent, it’s really time to throw away those granny panties. Even your grandma’s cooler than that.

Watch the video here:

Light Years 2012 from Light Years on Vimeo.

Light Years is available online from August 15.