Last month, Kuwaii’s spring summer collection took to the runway as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Entitled Landscapes, the range saw models don soft silk draping, tie-ups, soft desert tones and sleek white creepers. During the show, one couldn't help but notice the chunky white accessories, assuming at the time that they were simply part of the group show's styling. But the jewellery was in fact the work of Kuwaii owner/designer Kristy Barber in collaboration with Melbourne artist and jeweller Seb Brown, and has just launched online.

For those not familiar with Brown's work, his distinctly contemporary jewellery walks a fine line between minimal and chunky, cleverly combing delicate elements with raw, solid shapes. While his materials vary from vibrant beads, opals, brass, raw crystal and in this case, resin, Brown commonly works with whatever is at hand, fashioning works into organic forms.

Brown's approach is also evident in his collaboration with Kuwaii. Taking its name from the material used, White Resin features all-white pieces with a strong focus on contrasting textures and statement shapes.

"We have always admired Seb Brown's work and this season we found ourselves both drawing upon the same inspiration for summer 2012," Barber says of the collaboration. "We were both looking at natural formations, geographic formations, landscapes, aerial photos, minerals, rocks and crystals."

The result is a range of multidimensional pieces, from a single drop earring cut like a solid rock to a chunky choker studded with resin studs and a sleek cuff featuring a chunk of texture not unlike raw crystal.

White Resin retails from $35 to $125 and is available online.

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