There’s nothing like wearing a thick, warm knitted jumper or scarf to shield you from the winter chills, but it’s another thing altogether to wear something you’ve knitted yourself. Nikki Gabriel’s Construction patterns take knitting away from the realm of grannies in rickety old chairs, with a series of knitting patterns designed to be made in stages; good news if you’re short on patience and just want to get to the finished product.

With a focus on “sustainable production processes”, Gabriel fuses craft and design in her DIY project. Novice knitters need not fret, as her knitting kits come with step-by-step instructions for each ‘building block’ of your knitted masterpiece. “It’s about creating something from nothing, by incorporating geometric designs into knitting,” she says.

For example, knitters can start with a simple scarf, before attaching another knitted ‘block’ to turn the original piece into scarf with a hood and so on and so forth until you end up with a hooded cardigan. Magic!

Gabriel will be running three construction knitting sessions via Harvest Workroom’s makeUp workshop series, as part of the State of Design festival’s ‘Design for Everyone’ program. She will also be launching her new pattern, Construction No. 3, as well as her new recycled yarn product Wooli, made entirely from factory remnants. If that wasn’t enough, she is also showcasing her handcrafted knitting needles, made from recycled Rimu timber.

“I wanted to take things one step further and start from scratch, making the materials specific for the patterns,” she says.

Nikki Gabriels makeUp workshop will run from July 25–29 at Harvest Workroom.

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