Walk down Brunswick Street today and you'll see bleary-eyed teenagers hugging sleeping bags or sitting on camp chairs.

Make a right around Moor Street and the line keeps going. Make another right – it keeps going.

They're not waiting to see their favourite artist – or even to get tickets to a show. They're waiting for caps and long-sleeved tees.

Yesterday, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce 21 “Pablo” pop-up merch stores will open worldwide this weekend.

The location of the Melbourne store was revealed to be at 209 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. The site is the Fitzroy campus of Collarts, a music, audio and entertainment management college.

When the doors opened at 10am this morning, we estimated there to be close to 700 to 800 people waiting. The most eager fans were lining up since around 4.30pm yesterday. The windows of the store are blacked out, so what's inside is a mystery to even those waiting 16 hours to get in.

The store will only be open this Friday 10am–8pm, Saturday 10am–6pm and Sunday 11am–5pm.

The temporary merch stores will pop up in 20 other locations over the weekend, including Sydney, London, Berlin, New York, Cape Town and Amsterdam.

More to come this afternoon.