Judging by his new double frontage boutique on High Street in Armadale, Josh Goot hasn’t messed around with this first Melbourne store, though you’d never say he’s one to do things by halves.

Like his designs and sensibility, the all-concrete space is bold and controlled, broken only by a large atrium at the rear that towers above the change rooms, letting in the elements and beautiful floor-filling light. Two giant mirrors reflect the space, which includes a water feature that keeps things appropriately tranquil. Yes, a water feature.

It pretty much demands the dresses hanging from the obelisk-shaped racking fixtures; anything less might pass as ironic art in this Donald Judd–like gallery, but the sculptural wear that Goot makes has the same levels of integrity, fastidiousness and quality of the shop they’re hanging from.

Meeting Goot at his new space a day before the store is due to officially open (by Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Edwina McCann), he’s pacing the room as work continues around him (and there’s still quite a bit to be done). He has continued the theme that was laid down by the astonishing Oxford Street store in Sydney, but surprisingly, and despite the familiar and ubiquitous concrete, this one feels more intimate. Perhaps it’s the original Armadale façade that helps or the existing walls and partitions that might provide the casual visitor some respite from the exacting precision, but then again, Goot’s clothes aren’t necessarily for the shrinking violet, so why expect the store to be anything else?

Deceptively, the store has epic proportions, stretching, fittingly, like a catwalk past the oversize mirrors that wall the change rooms at the rear.

With the Melbourne Cup Carnival practically here and the full Josh Goot experience now available to us in the south, expectations for razor sharp, quality showings in the marquees is high.

Josh Goot
1048-1050 High Street, Armadale
(03) 9500 9097

Mon to Thurs 9.30am-5.30pm
Fri 9.30am-6pm
Sat 9.30am-5.30pm
Sun 11am-5pm