South African-born, Australian-raised CJ Hendry is a hugely popular young artist. On Instagram she’s amassed more than 400,000 followers, and while the digital platform has been credited with catapulting the 31-year-old to fame, that’s not to discount her incredible talent. (She’s particularly well-known for her photorealistic drawings.)

The current waitlist to buy one of her works is between three and four years. Fans queue to see her immersive exhibitions in Brooklyn, New York (where she currently lives), such as a warehouse-sized jumping castle inspired by the padded walls of a mental institution, or a Lego-style house rendered in multiple monochrome colours and filled with spray-painted dildos and stuffed toys.

Last night on Instagram, Hendry announced some huge news for Melbourne art fans. After visiting Brisbane and Sydney in recent days, she’ll be dropping her sought-after “Copyright Infringement” boxes in public locations around the city today, free for lucky finders.

As reported by the Australian, in September last year the artist caused a frenzy among her New York followers when she dropped a number of curious red boxes spray-painted with the words “Copyright infringement. Trash only” around the city. Inside were T-shirts printed with Hendry’s drawings of scrunched-up Andy Warhol polaroids of Mick Jagger, Muhammad Ali and others. She’d planned to sell them, but four hours before they were due to be released she received a copyright infringement notice from Ali’s estate.

Even though she’d drawn the images, Hendry was told she was at risk of legal action if she didn’t cancel the show and dispose of the T-shirts. So, instead of selling them, she made a spontaneous decision to scatter them around the city in a modern-day treasure hunt. (One’s still listed on eBay for almost $4000 US.)

As she drops the boxes in Melbourne today, she’ll disclose each location in an Instagram story. You’ll need to be quick.