Despite technical and design advancements – half-lining and lightweight cloths, for example – suiting is a challenge in the Australian summer. Winter, then, affords an opportunity to indulge in European sartorial inclinations, and the relaxed nature of the workplace today means we can play around with our daily suit-and-tie combinations.

Look One:
Valentino trousers and waistcoat
P. Johnson Tailors shirt
Uniqlo cardigan
Thom Browne tie
Ray-Ban glasses
Frederique Constant watch

In lieu of the regular jacket, I’ve taken to wearing a cardigan over my waistcoat. The resultant look is, I think, a little more relaxed than that of a three-piece suit, especially when in a bolder colour (though this picture is in black in white, the cardigan is maroon).

Look Two:
M.J. Bale suit and shirt
P. Johnson Tailors tie
Skagen watch
Oliver Peoples glasses

I don’t really need to wear a suit to work, not in the sense of it being a corporate requirement (the joy of being one’s own boss), but it always feels good to get a bit dressed up in the morning, like getting into character for the day ahead. I had this suit custom-tailored by the team at M.J. Bale, which means that every detail is fitted precisely and thus fits rather perfectly.

Look Three:
M.J. Bale suit
John Smedley roll-neck sweater
Larsson & Jennings watch
Saint Laurent clutch

I think we can safely assume roll-neck sweaters are back in style. A lot of men will say they never left. Whatever the case, they’re bloody warm, and it saves wearing a big coat or scarf on top of your suit. I tend to gravitate to a monochromatic wardrobe, so I’m wearing my suit-and-skivvy combination in all black here.

Look Four:
P. Johnson Tailors suit
Topman skivvy
Filippa K trench coat
R.M.Williams boots

Even though it’s linen, this double-breasted suit still gets a workout through the winter for me. With a roll-neck sweater and a trench coat, it’s an elegant alternative to a regular three-piece suit and tie. I also think that there’s a formality to double-breasted suits, so I can easily go to a dressy work event at night in this.

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Mitchell Oakley Smith is the editor of Manuscript.