The lush accessories and distinctive garments of Milly Sleeping are returning to once again perch above Von Haus this Saturday. They last lingered there in December and are now back to share a showroom and concept shop with Denise and Peter Boyd, the designers behind innovative local label, S!X.

To launch the space, Milly Sleeping are presenting an exhibition of coveted work by Alexi Freeman titled Alexi Freeman in the Maid’s Room. On display will be a selection of costumes Freeman recently designed in close collaboration with Gideon Obarzanek for The Australian Ballet’s There’s Definitely a Prince Involved. A modern Swan Lake, the ballet has since been performed at the Melbourne Arts Centre and Sydney Opera House for the company’s 50th anniversary Infinity Season.

The delicately crafted pieces, with elaborate prints and ornate fringing, are evocative of birds in flight and have influenced the course of Freeman’s new designs for his own forthcoming spring/summer collection, for which Milly Sleeping intend to host a rare two-day preview showing in the upcoming months.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Just down the hall from Milly Sleeping, contemporary gallery Sarah Scout will be opening a group exhibition, Sequence, Selection and Loop. The exhibition will showcase drawings, sculptures and paintings by established Melbourne-based artists Anna Finlayson, Charles O’Loughlin and Mark Wingrave.

Milly Sleeping and Sarah Scout gallery are getting together and officially launching their exhibitions tomorrow, June 16, from 3pm to 5pm, a prime opportunity to celebrate the convergence of artistic appreciation and enterprise at Von Haus.

Von Haus, Sarah Scout, S!X, Milly Sleeping
1a Crossley Street, Melbourne

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Milly Sleeping is open Fridays and Saturdays, noon until 6pm.

Sequence, Selection and Loop runs at Sarah Scout until 14 July and Alexi Freeman in the Maid’s Room runs at Milly Sleeping at Von Haus until July 7.