Holly Ryan is a silversmith. Ana Diaz is a fashion designer. Both talented ladies hail from Brisbane and have combined their love of all things tropicana to forge a covetable jewellery collaboration called Holly Ryan X Diaz.

The capsule range features delicate thread earrings, a long silver necklace and two rings, perfect for stacking together. Fine silver chains and bands link tiny pineapples, palm trees, bananas and slices of watermelon, tying back to eclectic digital prints featured in Diaz Spring Summer 2012/13 and the adorable objects (think cacti and eyeballs) that star in Holly Ryan’s mainline.

The collaboration is a perfect aesthetic match. Each Diaz range is born from a love of people, places and nature, combining the experiences of its designer with quirky, colourful prints and boyish cuts. This casual approach aligns with Holly Ryan’s jewellery. Fresh and unique, it carries sharp lines and a dash of humour. Her pieces stand out in a market heavy with trend-cruising accessories.

Ryan and Diaz studied fashion together at Queensland University of Technology, both graduating in 2010 and launching their respective labels a year later. “We remained friends after our studies and when our styles were naturally colliding we decided to work on something together,” Ryan explains.

The inspiration for the collection came from Diaz’s recent trip to Japan, where she was exposed to an eccentric and lighthearted approach to fashion. Perhaps it’s Japan, or maybe it’s the sunny Queensland attitude, but whatever it is that makes this range so happily infectious is also sure to sell it out as we approach summer.

Holly Ryan X Diaz is now available exclusively at diazlabel.com


Diaz is now stocked at Alice Euphemia and Dagmar Rousset in Melbourne.