When it comes to footwear, the Australian male seems to have a bit of a hard time. It’s often slim pickings for men, when it comes to dressing one’s feet in local style. Often overwhelmed, the misfortune can lead to a number of brazen mishaps, seasonal confusion and of course, that age old retreat to canvas.

The gentleman’s sojourn toward the golden shoe is certainly a harrowing tale, and one understood all too well by Melbourne-based men’s footwear label harry&henry. Thanks to these guys, Melbourne lasses need not cringe with every gaze toward their man’s side of the pavement. harry&henry are making shoes for the refined gent, straightening those wayward shoe dilemmas and encouraging good, solid grounding.

Fashioned from the eternal overdressed/underdressed dilemma, they’ve created the ideal hybrid; shoes with a modern aesthetic to carry you from day to evening, casual to formal, with little fuss. The shoes are simple and charming, always stylish and most importantly, they’re trans-seasonal so you gents need not recoil back Vans and Havaiannas (please).

Each pair of harry&henry shoes are handmade and produced in limited quantities using high quality leather. With collections for summer and winter, encompassing everything the boat shoe to brogues, harry&henry are quick on their feet to every occasion.

Chaps, it’s time to expand that sock draw and allow your shoe closet to flourish! Things are looking up, from down below.

harry&henry shoes are available from their website.