Megan Park opened her eponymous double-fronted shop on Gertrude Street three years ago. Now, she has a new roommate – fellow Australian label, shoemaker Habbot.

“We’re both local to the area and the feeling’s similar,” says Annie Abbott, founder and designer of Habbot.

This shop-in-shop concept is a first for both designers, and sees Megan Park offering one of her window-front alcoves exclusively to Habbot for an open-ended amount of time.

Habbot is known for its Australian-designed, Italian-made footwear, with flats, lace-ups and brogues in classic as well as bold colours and materials. It’s a nice fit with Megan Park’s womenswear, which also focuses on high-level craftsmanship with a quirky design aesthetic.

“Our biggest driving force was to introduce new people to both brands, so sharing a physical space and working together this way came about really naturally,” says Abbott.

The existing curved wall in Park’s store inspired Habbot’s own use of the space, adding circular shapes to the dedicated area, such as a round carpet, pink plinths and green velvet poufs.

Every six weeks, Habbot’s curated selection will rotate to reflect the style of the current Megan Park collection. “We’re also experimenting with more dressy shoes and mid-heels,” says Abbott.

As well as its own nook, the Habbot shoes are displayed throughout the store, providing customers with complete looks from head to toe.

The two Melbourne designers have worked together before, combining their shoes and clothes for look books and fashion shows. They share the same ethos – luxury, high-quality statement pieces for women at an accessible price.

“We’re both little, so it’s easier to do things a bit differently. Collections change, but the process can get repetitive,” says Abbott. “We can pull together and focus on something creative to open up new ideas and opportunities for both businesses.”

Habbot, Hosted by Megan Park
164 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

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Mon to Fri 10am–5.30pm
Sat 10am–5pm
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