Sportsgirl is one of this country's high street fashion powerhouses. Famous and popular for not only selling up to the minute fashion for the trend conscious, this ever-evolving brand is also well known for discovering and being a loud and proud supporter of emerging local design.

With their Sportsgirls Like program, Sportsgirl delivers capsule collections from both established and breakthrough designers, including previous lines with Romance Was Born, Ellery, Sara Philips and Richard Nicoll. As a key supporter of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Graduates Showcase, this year they’re giving 2011 graduates a leg-up with Sportsgirls Like The Graduates. For the collection, Jessica O'Connor and Anna Diaz are bringing their fresh design aesthetics to the Sportsgirl stage.

With her capsule collection Misteria, Brisbane local Ana Diaz and her label Diaz interpret the excess of the 70s Italian mystery film genre, Giallo, with hard-wearing fabrics manipulated into feminine shapes by soft styling. The drama of super wide leg jeans and a full leather-look skirt is contrasted by a sweet yellow knit and tidy navy blouse, all tied in with the neat cover-up of a collarless trench. Together, it articulates the essence of Diaz’s influences very succinctly.

Jessica O'Connor's label Outpost, on the other hand, uses the notion of remoteness and isolation in her five pieces for Sportsgirl. Her collection is entitled Far-away Isles and appropriately uses the intricacies of the traditional fair isle knit in cool colours, made with chunky, textured yarn to pay homage to the distant shorelines of her inspirations.

Both are available online and in stores now. Here's to the latest Sportsgirls!

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