With skillfully and creatively constructed jewellery lying in an organised mess atop glass desks, hanging from exposed brick walls, or posing dashingly from inside vintage glass cabinets, Glitzern—German for glitter— is a shop that exists to deify the concept of ‘accessory’, and at the same time maintaining a sense of play and ‘the more the merrier’ approach.

Sourcing their pieces from the best and the boldest of international and local jewelers around, owners Moira Rogers and Caroline Price (one of the founders of Alice Euphemia) have achieved cult status of stocking fearlessly ornate and dramatic pieces that are guaranteed collectables if they aren’t already. Inside the tiny shop you will find unique collections from House of Baulch, Pamela Love, Lucy Folk, and Venessa Arizaga.

While the adage ‘all good things come to an end’ clearly applies, the store will be softening the blow by holding one final sale from the 1st of June before it leaves its cosy little Crossley Street location. There’ll be a new shipment from New York discounted, as well as Elke Kramer, Gala, Broken Fab, Romance Was Born, Mended Veil. The girls will also have a few fixtures and fittings to sell too.

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But its closing ought not to cause worry over your jewellery box. Glitzern will soon be re-opening as a primarily online store and Caroline and Moira have plans for upcoming exhibitions and other projects including a pop-up store to be launched later this year.

1A Crossley Street, Melbourne
(03) 9663 7921

Tue-Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 12pm-5pm